Sweet Dreams

Manik Interprets Dreams of Creativity and Community
Manik’s dreamcatchers do more than catch sweet dreams, it is a company founded by the hope and social stewardship of two sisters.
They want to achieve this by creating and marketing an exquisite array of dream catchers, made by the artisans and craftspeople of their native Colombia. What separates them from others is their dedication to not only representing their culture and creativity, but the idea behind each piece. Every dream catcher represents the human being in each of its dimensions-Origins (Wayuu), Healing, and Dreams, as well as integrity of its communities. Each piece, including the looms, are made by hand. 
The word Manik itself reflects the brand’s ideology- an essence of something wonderfully created and guided by generosity. Dream catchers themselves were long ago created by Sioux Tribes in the United States, created to safeguard good dreams and keep bad ones at bay. Two sisters living in the mountains of Medellin, Columbia recognized the authenticity and need for positive symbols. Inspired, they set out to create a brand infused with positive energy that would appeal to socially-conscious and savvy buyers. The co-founders understand the value of tradition and utilize the intent- to preserve sweet dreams and symbolize hope- to assist Medellin, Colombia and other local communities. 
Erika Londono Toledo says this of the Wayuu Collection, “Aware of the need to access our roots and ancestors, we work with a group of women from the Wayuu community in Guajira, Colombia. They infuse the Origin line dreamcatchers with a connection to nature and ancient wisdom. With our work, we contribute to preserve the craft tradition of the region and support entrepreneurial and creative women.”
The Dreams Collection alone supports fifty-four girls and women who were once homeless. By working with the Juguemos En El Bosque Foundation, these girls native to Medellin, Columbia achieve not only the first steps in creating the dream catchers, but, according to Erika, “Through this process, they have strengthened its feminine and creative side and have gained strength, skills and self-confidence. Through the trust placed in them both in the work and various events we have held, they feel valued, part of a family and have built the confidence necessary to chase their own dreams.”
Since its inception in 2014, the company qualified twice for counseling and monetary support. In one program, they were chosen, along with ten other companies, out of 145.  In another they were among twenty-five finalists out of 300 companies. This kind of recognition signifies interest and belief in a brand that supports female artisans, their families, and their communities. 
What can we expect from Manik at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource at the Jacob Javit’s Convention Center from February 5-8, 2017? Erika answers us, “Visitors will see Handmade Dreamcatchers of different designs, with a combination of colors that reflect the culture of one of the regions of Colombia in South America.”
For more information, please visit http://www.manik.com.co.


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