The 61st Annual Traditional Spanish Market

A celebration of Hispanic New Mexico

[Editor’s note: Since 1926, The Spanish Colonial Arts Society in New Mexico has hosted the Annual Traditional Spanish Market that celebrates Hispanic artistic heritage. When the Market first opened, it showcased eleven artists. Since that first event, The Spanish Colonial Arts Society has been committed to provide an exciting venue for modern day Hispanic artistans to exhibit and sell their work. The semi-annual Spanish Markets provide such a showcase each July and December. Textile artist and HAND/EYE Magazine contributing writer Scott Rothstein had the pleasure to stroll through the Market’s preview. Below, he shares the exquisite work he saw and whom he met during that evening’s preview.]

The Hispanic culture of New Mexico is cultivated and resilient. Religion, family, language, food, music and the visual arts reinforce identity and define community. Under luminescent blue skies and monumental clouds, tradition flourishes and evolves.
Each year the Spanish Colonial Arts Society celebrates Hispanic New Mexico as sponsors of the Traditional Spanish Market on the plaza in Santa Fe. The night before the Market, an exhibition and party is held at the Santa Fe Convention Center to start off the weekend festivities. One work from each artist is shown at the preview and awards are presented to acknowledge exceptional achievements.
Over 350 artists take part in the market. The diversity of the works on display inspires. Art intensely informed by heritage can be seen next to efforts both innovative and original. Senior established masters show their carving, weaving, tinwork, ceramics and paintings with younger artists still defining their voice. The market is truly a special gathering, a moment set aside to see art made by hand, inspired by the heart and deeply rooted in pride of culture. 

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