Our Mission

World. Craft. Culture.

HAND/EYE is the world's only  journal dedicated to global handmade creativity. With the help of talented writers and photographers from around the world, we focus on the work of artists, artisans, designers, and other creatives, unfettered by traditional definitions of art, craft and design.

Our Reason for Being

In addition to spreading the word about great work, everything we do is meant to encourage and inspire our readers in their own creative practices and in their daily activities as conscious consumers. Our articles are useful as a sourcing guide for businesses trading in handmade goods, as research material for students of ethical and sustainable design, and as advance reading for world travelers.

By keeping handmade traditions alive, and by embracing handmade innovation, HAND/EYE hopes to strengthen our species' design DNA so that we all live more expressive, satisfying, fruitful lives.

Passion + Philanthropy = Progress

HAND/EYE is a not-for-profit agency which, in addition to publishing online and in print, also works to support artisans with grants and with business development programs. To help us continue to support talented artisans everywhere, please visit www.handeyemagazine.com/how-donate and make a contribution.